Golden Letter
1. Listen to the Rain
2. Mirror
3. Where would I be
4. Weird
5. Golden Letter
6. Never
7. Scary Nightmare
8. Blood on the Keys
9. Bright
10. Sad Eyes
11. Ain’t it funny
12. Blended (incl. Bonus Track)

The Acoustic-Pop-Trio from Nuremberg – extraordinary, unconventional, dazzling!
Behind the smooth name you find Mercan Kumbolu with her crystal clear voice, Julia Fischer, who not only touches with her extraordinary bluesy voice, but who is also stylistically versatile on the piano, and Christof Stahl, who supplies innovative drum beats and has the occasional appearance on the microphone, too.
The result is a sound with lots of depth and emotional superlatives. The minimalist instrumentation easily convinces with creative, unconventional and catchy arrangements.
Their lyrics tell of the three songwriters’ experiences and adventures and are thus accompanied by sometimes romantic, sometimes rough sounds. That makes the Rose and Crown - experience absolutely authentic!

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  1. The Rose and Crown: Listen to the Rain
  2. The Rose and Crown: Mirror
Mercan Kumbolu (Gesang)
Julia Fischer (Klavier, Gesang)
Christof Stahl (Schlagzeug)
The Rose and Crown
The Rose and Crown
Scary Nightmare
The Rose and Crown
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