Isn’t it enough
1. Stand Straight
2. Love Myself
3. Like a Stranger in my Head
4. Isnt it enough
5. If shes the One
6. Ease my Pain
7. Out of your Dreams
8. Awake on Silverstreet
9. I dont wanna wake up
10. True
11. Alright
12. Has your Honey gone away
Pure Solid
1. How should I let you know
2. I don't wanna wake up
3. Marie
4. Last true love
5. Waste no time
6. Girl for sale
7. Is it any wonder
8. Crash
9. Slave to the poor
10. Never opened door
11. No long love goes
12. Another memory of you

In a time of YouTube celebrities and casted bands, it can be difficult to find such an authentic rock band. Fast Indie guitar sounds, piano chimes that recall classic rock, up-tempo rock’n’roll tracks, and emotional ballads – their style certainly can’t be pigeon-holed into one specific genre.
Though each song is unique, all songs come with a catchy tune and a special atmospheric intensity in common. The rhythm goes straight into your legs, whilst the memorable voice of lead singer, Thomas, is bound to get stuck in your head.
The band – consisting of Thomas (vocals & piano), Daniel (lead guitar), Steffen (rhythm guitar) and Nico (bass) – have been playing music together for ten years.
And Daniel, the new keyboardist, puts his heart and soul into the music, as if he had been part of the band right from the beginning.
Their familiarity with each other and the fact that Thomas Rüsche writes the songs and the lyrics himself, both contribute to the friendly authenticity of Wishless.
At any rate, they are an experienced live band. Wishless was a supporting act to Nena and “Ich & Ich”, they played on stage with “Juli” at the “Zeltmusikfestival
Freiburg” alongside top musicians like Seeed, Fettes Brot and grand master Alice Cooper. They have won newcomer contests, played many concerts, performed as a main act at both festivals and live clubs, and have been on a large busking tour
through Southern Europe. It is indeed travelling that inspires Thomas the most in his songwriting, alongside
influences from music idols, such as Oasis and Tom Petty. When asked about the title ‘Isn’t It Enough?’, Thomas explained: “We asked
ourselves a fundamental question of this day and age, which can be seen from many different angles. Everyone wonders at some point, if it isn’t enough. In this moment you hear the call for an inner or outer change. You hope to be strong
enough to break new ground. ‘Isn’t It Enough’ and ‘Awake On Silverstreet’ are exactly about this.
Sometimes you are afraid it might not be long before things change, maybe for the worse. Perhaps you fight for remaining true to yourself, which, ‘Stand Straight’ and ‘Has Your Honey Gone Away’ addresses.
In a more abstract way, it is also about the consequences of our affluent society – like overconsumption, loss of meaning, shallowness and anonymization.
Obviously love plays a major role in our songs. ‘Like A Stranger In My Head’ and ‘Ease My Pain’ talk about love versus solitude. And last but not least ‘If She’s The One’ dreams of the one, true love.”
Like most artists, Thomas incorporates his own experiences into the songs. “However, lyrics often turned out to be self-fulfilling prophecies in the end. Maybe
there were some premonitions. I think, we all go through similar stuff, or we ask the same questions about life. Most of our songs are about how to deal with these questions and tasks”.
The future of Wishless looks bright. Along with concerts for the release of the album in September and October 2015, they are also planning a busking tour to Prague, to be accompanied by a film team and turned into a documentary. Thomas’ dream for
the future could soon become a reality: “Eventually, I want to hear our songs playing from a little portable radio in a distant country like Brazil – like as if it was the most
normal thing in the world. Then we would have achieved everything. Our clear reply to the question ‘Isn’t it enough’, at least concerning Wishless, is: Thanks to the new songs we have so many plans together – and it has only just begun.”

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  1. Wishless: How should I let you know
  2. Wishless: I don't wanna wake up
  3. Wishless: Stand Straight
  4. Wishless: Love Myself
Thomas (Vocals & Piano)
Daniel (Leadgitarre)
Steffen (Rhythmusgitarre)
Nico (Bass)
Daniel (Keyboard)
Like a Stranger in my Head
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